A possible return of Red Richtoffen.

I noticed a couple posts by a woman calling herself “Helenawe”, and checked her profile . Her Email Addy is German, her stated location is Indianapolis, Indiana, and her IP shows as being in Texas. Seems that this is where richtoffen’s location was in the past. She then claimed to be a Historic Researcher, and Au Pare. Now claims to be a Teacher, (Lehrer in German) Her present posts have not been a problem, but she is worth watching. She used a generic portrait as an avatar, so I’ve asked her to change it to the Military sort the Site requires. Her past activities here were mostly trying to pick everyone’s Brains about various historic events that she wanted for her research. We then believed her to be either selling this information, or using it for her own financial benefit, and called her out on it both times she was signed up here. At least this will provide something interesting to see.

Got rid of it…

Probably the best thing to do, we really don’t need any further visits from her. Would be nice if some actual member types signed up. (would be nice if some of the present members would show up and post. )