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After Battle of the Bulge

Soldiers from Battery A, 486th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion, with souvenir German flag in January, 1945. Kneeling, from left: Buck Dubee, Dick Goodie, and Walter Stone. Standing are Chet Stopyra and Fred Snyderman. The M15 half-track behind them carried a revolving turret with a 37mm cannon and two .50 cal. machine guns. Although originally designed for anti-aircraft use, the M15 also proved to be effective against enemy ground personnel and vehicles.

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The 486th AAA Battalion was activated in the state of North Carolina in December, 1942 and first saw combat in Tunisia. The battalion consisted of four batteries, each with eight M15s and eight M16s (mounting four M2 .50 caliber machineguns) for a total of 64 self-propelled AA guns. 2,323 M15s were produced from 1942-44.