Air combat 25.2. 1945

For the start i say some short story.
On the 25.februar 1945 was offensive of red army in the direction Detva – Zvolen – Banska Bystrica(In Slovakia – that time Czechoslovakia). Around 14:00h took off two romanian pilots from airfield in Lucenec – adjutant Traian Darjan and capitan Constantin Cantacuzino (They were from 9.fighter group of ARR.). Over Zvolen they found german Fw-190s which were attacking soviet infantry. Constantin Cantacuzino shot down one of them. Pilot of machine was gefreiter Hermann Heim from I/SG 2. When they were finding wreck of Fw-190 to confirm vyctory, they lost careless and were attacked by german Bf-109s. First downed pilot was Traian Darjan who was victim of german ace from JG 53 hauptmann Helmut Lipfert. Then was downed Cantacuzino too, but by unknown german pilot.
I am finding and collecting every photos of these pilots, JG 53, SG 2 and 9.fighter group in Czechoslovakia. Any web-sites, books, forums and other things are welcomed. Please post it there or send here: . To pictures or photos I need sources or contact to owners if it is possible.