Any info on this british style helmet

just wondering if anyone has info on this helmet the liner is like new so must be repo but not sure about the rest.

photo (2).JPG

photo (1).JPG


More likely a french or belgian item.

Looks quite like a US civil defence helmet, most UK ones were not made of metal until post war

I agree with leccy - this looks like a US Civil Defense-type helmet. There was a British Mk II Civil Defence Helmet - a lighter version of the military “Brodie” helmet (“tin hat”) used by the armed forces - which was made from about 1932 up to 1944 and which was used by the fire and air raid protection services. However, the deep, “pudding bowl” shape of this helmet looks much more like the type used by non-combattant US personnel; the British Mk II is shallower, like a standard “Brodie”. I say “used by non-combattants”. One slightly odd feature of this helmet is that it appears unpainted; most surviving Civil Defence helmets were painted white, and it is usual to find at least some trace of white paint. Similar helmets were, however, used by other US non-combattants. has ‘photos of several helmets of this general type, including one used by guards of the Womens’ Army Corps (WAC), which is painted brown. That site, incidentally, states that these helmets were produced “in the style of the M-17”, that is to say, of the US version of the British “Brodie”, produced from 1917. That is as may be; I would only say that the actual M17 is more similar to the British “Brodie” than it is to these “Civil Defense” models. Best regards, JR.

A further thought - is the underside painted white ? If the whole helmet was once white, the upper side has been very thoroughly stripped. Best regards, JR.

The only other thing I could add at the moment is that the helmet spider (liner) does look like the British style.

I’ll get a side pic of it the top view makes it look higher