Canadian involvement in Vietnam?

From my very limited and ancient schoolboy French I gather from this page that Canadians served with US forces in Vietnam.

I had thought previously that Canada and Canadians, being substantially smarter than Americans and everyone else involved in that conflict, had no involvement in Vietnam.

Anyone know anything about Canada’s or Canadians’ involvement?

(Or does anyone want to point out that my ancient schoolboy French is crap and that Canada and Canadians never went anywhere near Vietnam?)

The only thing I heard of was Canadians expatrioting themselves to serve in the Vietnam conflict. No Canadian units served.

If you’re still wondering, a quick summary is that Canadians fought in Viet Nam under the American flag, and as such are liable for treatment, physical or psychiatric, in the U.S. due to the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs intervention. An association, Fondation Québécoise du Monument des Vétérans du Vietnam, is currently trying to raise awareness of the fact that Canadians fought in Viet Nam by holding parades and such.

I met a Brit kid serving as a doorgunner.
He had come over and enlisted to fight commies.

Guess he was a dumbass, too.