Dead or Alive?

This question was posted in a WW2 Group on social media, so I’m going to post it here. Does anyone in this forum think that Adolf Hitler escaped from his bunker, alive?


I don’t believe that he made an escape. In my very humble and suspect opinion,He was far too addled by drug use, Parkinson’s disease, and if observations from his Doctor’s (Morell ) Journal are to be believed, Syphilis to have survived any sort of demanding journey.

Pretty much this, even if he escaped he wouldn’t have lived very long…

Indeed. And if the Movie Little Nicky is to be believed, each day at 4pm, Hitler gets a Pineapple.


Worth bearing in mind that His Fuhrership seems to have had a distinct Gotterdammerung complex at the end. There is ample evidence that he had no intention of surviving, and our Soviet friends produced some evidence that he, in fact, did not. No, whatever about anybody else, I don’t think he lived out his days in Bolivia. Best regards, JR.

God knows. And I don’t think he escaped. How he was supposed to live a normal life if he escaped.