Der untermensch

Arguments are not why you have found yourself in trouble here. The “threats” you’ve received are for violations of rules you already know to exist imi, you have been here more than long enough to have seen the others who were dealt with for the same sorts of violations, this is not news to you. We are not being bully’s , we are the operational Staff of the Site doing our jobs, in the way that we are supposed to do them. Do not blame us for your inability to control your obsessive assertions concerning Jewish people. And to be honest, and a bit blunt, it may serve you to talk this over with a competent professional. they may well have help for you, so the anxieties do not plague you.

You moderators want to deny the facts and the truth, and want to take away the right to freedom of expression
The freedom of expression is a fundamental human right
But look: I have many enemies from the Russia, I have many enemies from the Israel, why I don’t have some new “friends” from the USA who want to deny the truth? :lol:

Facts and Truth are not our job as Moderators, or Admins. Making sure that the Site isn’t disrupted by those who would for whatever reason refuse to go by the rules IS our job. So that you may have an opportunity to reflect on the events of the past few days, I’m giving you a short vacation. Hopefully, in that time, you will have figured it all out. See you in two days imi, God speed.

The “facts and the truth” has no deal to your biased posts, coz you definitelly , ignore the DNA research, trying to impose an false conclusion based on the invented “face-research-photo-method”.What so funny in “african” galogrups of Hitler’s DNA?All of the peoples , living on the planet have the african genes - in more or less quantities. Even me,tupical slavic, or you. This is coz the motheland of mankind is - africa. Nothing new endeed here, if to read, even sometimes, the some antropologies articles ( even in limits of Wiki) . You wrote a nonsence claiming the Hitler couldn’t has the jewish genes , just becouse he doesn’t look like the jews. Moreover the STalin is a jew coz he looks “jewish”:wink: You seems don’t even guess how the real jews might ( or should) looks like. You probably never heard about sefards and ashkenazi jews. The sefards belong to semitic tribes- they looks like the “jews in Nazis posters” - semitic. The caucasian peoples , like osetins and georgians , among which the Stalin was born, had a close influence of islamic semits ( by the ottoman emire) - so much of caucasian looks semitic. That’s why the STalin look semitic - not jewish;) The another group of jews , askenazi , according DNA tests, is originate from Southern Europe. Much of them look like you and me - black-hair aryan;)
So please don’t look like stopid- to claime that to write a nonsence is your “fundamental human right” :wink:

But look: I have many enemies from the Russia, I have many enemies from the Israel, why I don’t have some new “friends” from the USA who want to deny the truth? :lol:

It’s simple like that- becouse if one a moron- no one wish to be his friend;) SO use our advices - and you probabli will find a friends, at least among our forum members.