Do my ww2 navy photos have any value?

i have about 120 ww2 royal canadian photos, they are stamped with the canadian seal on the back so theres no doub about it that they are real. Im always wondering if these have any value at all since they have been in my drawer for about 10 years, my grandfather gave them to me but i would sell them since hes not even in any of the photos.

You’ve now had them for 15 years as it’s 5 years since you asked the same question on Yahoo. Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos Assuming that it really was you who posted that question and that you’re not just a spammer trying to clock up some posts on this forum before you go feral with spam here.

Anyway, they’re not genuine. The Canadian national emblem is a maple leaf,


not a seal.

Those couldn’t be Canadian, I see no Bacon in any of them. I remembered that I have a picture of the Canadian Navy, though I’m doubtful as to its having any value…