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End of the War

Especially at Army Group Center under Schörner, during the last stage of WW2, this was a normal picture. Who does not want to continue fighting in the senseless battle or was suspected to desertion after scattered, was immediately hanged or shot. Here a German Major on 8th April 1945. texag57

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Yep, I agree with FTG… vets have stated that they threw everything into the defenses in the East against the Russians, to hold them back even for a while, if it meant thier families were safe a day longer

It wasn’t senseless to continue fighting in the east. It enabled millions of Germans - civilian and military - to reach western areas. Most eastern front vets would tell you so.

The two signs on him say "I made a pact with the Bolsheviks!"

A similar scene is visible in the film, Downfall / Der Untergang.

One for all you SS lovers here, many soldiers who had endured years of hell were strung up without trial by SS, Hitler Youth and chain dogs

Was there any validity to claims that Field Marshal Schorner, on May 8, 1945, himself deserted his command and was eventually captured by the Americans in Austria -wear, not his uniform, but civilian clothing!!!

Schörner deserted his command on May 8th and flew to Austria,where he was arrested by the Americans on the 18th.Elements of his Army Group Center continued the fight against the Red Army.They were sent to occupy Czechoslovakia during the final Prague Offensive.Army Group Center was the last german unit of divisional size or larger to surrender on or around the 11th of may1945.