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Two Finnish soldiers sentenced to death by court-martial in October 1941. It was their own wish to have their backs towards the firing squad.

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In 1941 there were a few instances where men had deserted their post and refused to return.

Then there is the rather dramatic fate of Arndt Pekurinen who entirely refused military service (reason he did not accept killing) who was multiple times sentenced to prison for refusing military service. Finally in 1941 he was forcibly taken to the front, where he again refused to use his weapon (the order was to force him to use the weapon) but he refused and was subsequently shot.

Here’s another:

Pity the word “hero” isn’t used as often for these guys. Enough on both sides and the world would be a quieter place.

Actually, and at least a true pacifist.

Any further details known, such as reason for sentence?