French Indochina Soldier/Unit


I have found this pic on the website below:

I wanted to know if anybody could tell me anything about the unit. According to the website they are Type d’indo-chinois (17 travailleurs)". (Soissons. Aisne. France. 1917).
or 17 Indo-Chinese Workers.

I can’t seem to find anything about them on the net, I thought maybe someone here could help?


Also…I know that ‘Indochina’ covered a wide area corresponding to modern Laos and Cambodia as well as Vietnam. Is it possible to find out which area this soldier came from? Thanks

Travailleurs (workers) or tirailleurs (soldier - translated variously as skirmisher, marksman, or rifleman)?

The French recruited both workers and soldiers from their colonies in Indochina.

I’m inclined to suspect that the uniform, chest ribbon and arm stripe are more likely to be on a soldier’s uniform than a worker’s. The hat might be more consistent with the type worn by Indochinese colonial tirailleurs such as the Tonkinese