German Soldiers

Hi. I recently bought a huge lot of negatives at a yard sale. I am posting a pic of these two german milary soldiers. wondering if perhaps someone might recognize them. I believe the lot of negatives were taken in Poland. I have negatives of jewish people with armbands too. also a nazi parade. if interested in more pics let me know.

The man on the left could be Baron Oberst Dieter von Schwarz-Negativ. He disappeared during a vicious confused battle on the Eastern Front in late 1942 but reappeared a couple of months later, missing an eye and recovering from an unspecified lower body injury, resulting in him being known as Ostenfuchs (East Fox) to rival Rommel’s title as Wüstenfuchs. He resumed command of his unit. Unfortunately, Schwarz-Negativ’s unit was thrown into battle again almost immediately after he resumed command and he, along with the also missing members of his headquarters staff and most of his unit, were presumed killed or missing in action or POW. He was not seen again.

However, there are some unverified references to him appearing to German soldiers as a ghostly figure wandering Eastern Front battlefields at critical moments and apparently crying out to them to fight for the Fatherland with a war cry of “Hoden! Hoden! Wo ist mein Hoden?”

Then again, the photo isn’t too clear, so maybe it isn’t Dieter.

As for Jews with armbands and photos of Nazi parades, the world is saturated with those images, and much, much worse.

I don’t think we need your photos.

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I think we still could look his protos in photo-section of this site:wink:

Policemen…not soldiers.

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If so, I’d be interested to know if you see in Germany a new type of "don’t care / pointlessly violent " minor criminal we see here who are disposed to ram police cars; hijack civilians’ cars at random; invade homes at all time of day or night; commit violent robberies; and generally do stupid crimes for very little gain while risking heavy sentences when, as frequently is the case because they are generally clumsy and stupid, they are caught by police.

I’ll explain in more detail if you respond, but there is confusion here about whether we have a local aberration or whether it’s part of a general trend in other parts of the Western world.

IMO over here there’s a problem with general lack of respect to the authorities, lack of fear of penal actions (which are soft after all…) and there is a cultural problem with our, uhm, guests from the Middle East and North Africa in particular…

Sure, can’t do anything else…

We’ll put you in charge of our Spammerlager.

As I recall, the G.P. (Polizei) carried Saps as a teaching aid for those unfamiliar with German Civil Law. Maybe you should return to basics and wear out a few of them on your Scofflaws. Here in the U.S. we have the same problem with misanthropes, and all too often the local Police are ordered to let them run wild. (although is some places, this is thankfully beginning to change.)

Well, I don’t need to explain in more detail, because it is exactly the same problem here, exacerbated by the use of mind bending drugs by people whose minds were already subnormal before they started using drugs and especially ice (methamphetamine) which, oddly enough, happens to be a trade in which the Middle Easterners are vastly over-represented at every level.

North Africans don’t figure much here. It’s the Somalis and Sudanese who are enormously over-represented in crime, especially random crimes of violence.

That’s not to say that there are no good people in any of those communities. Most of them are good people. The problem is that the bad ones cause so much trouble that any sensible person has to wonder whether it’s time to stop accepting people from those backgrounds and whether we should be a lot more vigorous in deporting the bad ones.

We could deport them to more accepting communities, like Germany where Ms Merkel originally said your borders were pretty much open, although she’s changed her tune a bit after seeing what that policy produced.

Same here.

In my childhood in the late 1950s there were significant problems in Sydney with violent youth gangs. The police formed a special squad, the basic entry requirements of which were to be (a) at least six feet tall; (b) at least 16 stone / 220 pounds / 100 kg; and (c) violent. Problem solved in a few months after some basic police work.

Wouldn’t be allowed nowadays. Might infringe the civil rights of some arsehole who’s been bashing innocent people in their own homes to steal their wallet and car.

Happens that way here too, in one instance of a young man who was killed during his attempt at armed home invasion his sister was recorded saying to the news people “Well, how is he supposed to get his money for clothes and books?” This is the mentality the greater Society has to deal with. Another Home invader who was killed during his failed attempt was held up as “a good boy” his Parents went on the News saying that the homeowner being armed, and defending himself was “unfair”. I wonder if in some momentary bit of clear thinking these siblings, and parents ever considered that the teaching of children not to do such things, basic right, and wrong, and that education is important. We can only hope I guess.

A. These thugs need money for books? Yeah, right! Most of them are semi-literate at best. They wouldn’t know what a book was if it was shoved up them. Now, if he ‘needed’ (that is, just wanted, which is different to needed) money for a violent video game where players get points for killing cops and raping women, or just money for drugs, I’d believe that.
B. He is supposed to get money for clothes and books the same way his victims probably did, and the way most of the rest of us do. Work for it.
C. Oh, but he can’t get a job because he’s a victim of [insert preferred form of social / racial / other disadvantage / endless self-pitying reasons why lazy, violent arseholes shouldn’t bear the burden of going to work five or more days a week to earn an honest living, or at least refrain from crime if they can’t get a job]. Okay, then that makes it alright for him to take what he wants from others. In which lawless case, it’s fair for honest, decent people to kill these thugs in defence of themselves, their families and their property. Better still, be proactive and get into these bastards before they get into us. They’re not hard to identify. Just hang around the courts and see who gets bail because it would be terrible to keep these bastards off the streets until their trial and, worse, deprive our newspapers of the regular items about a home invasion / carjacking / random assault committed by an arsehole who is already on one or more lots of bail for one or more violent offences pending trial.

It’s unfair only because the homeowner evened up the odds. These thugs like all bullies work on the basis that they have the advantage. They can’t handle it when someone beats them.

We’re having a sudden epidemic of home invasions and carjackings down here over the past two or three years, mostly by Africans who we foolishly allowed into this country as refugees from their war-torn home countries. Also crimes we’d never seen before becoming routine over the past two or three years, such as crooks ramming police cars. These things now happen several times a week, where a few years ago they didn’t happen at all or at worst only a few times a year.

Everybody I know is praying for some of these home invaders to burst into a house to meet a homeowner with a pump action 12 gauge who knows how to use it. Wanna guess who we expect is going to stand trial after he rightfully wastes some of these scum?

Unfortunately, as with our home grown Muslim terrorists / wannabe terrorists, plenty of these arseholes come from good families who are grateful that we have given them refuge. They have done the best to raise their children properly. As with plenty of Australian families who have been here for generations and tried to raise their children properly, there are some kids who just go off the straight and narrow in their teens for reasons nobody can explain. Sure, there are no-hoper families who generation after generation raise welfare bludging ho-hopers and a fair crew of, usually minor and fairly incompetent, criminals, but there is no shortage of good families who surprise themselves by spawning a black sheep who chooses a bad course in life when the parents and siblings all follow good and decent lives. Here’s a prominent one, the daughter of a state premier (roughly equivalent to a US state governor).

Education is certainly important. Most people in our prisons are poorly educated, probably in many cases because they came from dysfunctional homes or had personal issues which limited their learning. A surprisingly high proportion of our prisoners have significant acquired brain injuries, some from physical injuries, others from drug abuse. In many cases the drug abuse is the result of various forms of abuse in childhood in bad families. Most of our prisoners have medium to serious mental health disorders. All of which requires the State to address those issues rather than just locking them up in private prisons run for major profit with no real attempt at rehabilitation and no post-release programs to reduce the risk of re-offending. We’re building more and more prisons for the profit of the private operators while the crime rate soars. What’s that about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result being the definition of insanity? Well, our law and order politicians are all insane, while our police and other leaders aren’t. Our police chiefs have been saying for years that we can’t arrest our way out of the drug problem and associated crime. So what do our politicians demand of our police? More war on drugs.

A large part of the crime problem here is a result of conservative governments twenty to thirty years ago releasing large tracts of valuable land occupied by public mental hospitals for private residential development, and reducing the public health budget accordingly by releasing the patients into the community. You just about need to be an axe murderer covered in blood and holding a severed head to be made an involuntary mental patient here nowadays. So where are these poor bastards now? They’re the homeless people sleeping in the city streets and the low level criminals clogging up our prisons. None of them are getting the mental health treatment they need. So it’s just going to get worse.

Our politicians caused all of these problems, whether from venal motives by privatising public enterprises for private profit or from misplaced high-minded motives which refuse to acknowledge that there are elements in the community who need to be expelled from it for the greater good. The current crop of politicians are too scared of offending minority groups to do anything to resolve these issues.

So, in the fullness of time, what used to be the great country I grew up in is going to turn to shit, and we’re well on the way thanks entirely to politicians who acted in the past and who now are too weak to act for the future.

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Not to actually post anything related to the thread, but I’d like to know what era of police uniforms these were. Are these prewar or postwar Polizei uniforms, or East German police?

This might help in identifying the time, place, etc. I changed it to a positive image. Not a sharp image, but should be of some use.

The fashion of the women in the back does not look too german-ish.