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Heavy AA gun

British anti-aircraft gunners firing a 94-mm cannon (Ordnance QF 3.7 inch). The 3.7-Inch QF AA was Britain's primary heavy anti-aircraft gun during World War II. It was used throughout the war in all theaters except the Eastern Front.

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This gun was of a similar power to the famous German 88mm Flak 18 or 36 but was much less mobile. It could have been used with deadly effect against the Afrika Korps’ panzers but was never deployed in an anti-tank role, being reserved for AA duty only.

ThunderboltFan – you should know better than to ever say “never.” I believe it was “deployed” as an anti-tank gun in North Africa, though rarely used. I’ve seen some photos of it being used in a direct fire mode as well.

I believe the gun mount was not designed for a prolonged, direct ground fire role and could not take the pounding…

The 3.7" was used in the AT/direct fire role as were the 40mm Bofors in North Africa.

In Italy and Western Europe they were used as indirect artillery.

The biggest reason they were not used very often in the At role is their main role was defence of the ports and suez canal - use in rear areas and not near the front line - front line units being reliant on LAA (40mm bofors, captured Italian 20mm, various machine guns) and support from the Desert Airforce.