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Great photograph of a captured Soviet KV-1 tank. When the Germans struck on 22 June 1941, many KV-1 tank crews had but a few hours of training under their belts (no different for T-34 tank crews). In the sector of Army Group North, some KV-1s were forced into combat w/o their main armament having been bore sighted, and thus unable to function. Just another example of how the Red Army was without question not ready for war when Hitler struck. taken from fb/Craig Luther

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This KV-1 tank is a Model 1939 recognizable by the short L-11 76 mm. gun with the recuperator above the barrel. It fired the BR-3502 armor piercing round with a muzzle velocity of 612 meters/second. This was sufficient enough to penetrate 66 mm. of armor at a range of 500 meters. The following Model 1940 KV-1 had the longer F-32 gun. Despite its drawbacks (including a weak transmission, very narrow driver’s vision slot which quickly fogged up and an unwieldy weight) the KV-1 remained in service and participated in the campaign against the Japanese Kwantung Army in August, 1945.