Last Functioning Tiger I Tank

The last functioning Tiger I. I heard that it was used in the movie Fury. The video also has the Sherman from the movie also.

I believe this Tiger was disabled and captured early in North Africa so it was in very good condition. Some other nice German AFV’s around 3:35 mark…

Sorry, here’s the video with the Sherman from Fury. Also, a functioning Japanese tank! Pretty rinky dink compared to other nations tanks…

Yeah, 131 has a pretty detailed capture story on the Tank Museum’s youtube channel.

Saumur’s tank museum has the last working Tiger II.

Not to be outdone by the perfidious Albion, the French have a fully operational Tiger II Royale or King Tiger:




Nice! The only tanks I’ve been able to see, so far, that function, were at The National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX.
They have a living combat area where they recreate a landing on Japanese held beach. They had an M3 and an M4 tank. And a knocked out Japanese tank. Can’t find which type it was.

Curses, if Fredericksburg wasn’t on the other side of Austin I’d go see the NMPW. Maybe I can make it a weekend trip or something. Also, what’s up with it being there and not closer to the Pacific?

Admiral Chester Nimitz was born and raised in Fredericksburg. Their family run hotel is now part of the museum IIRC.

Huh… I would have thought it closer to any water so that you could have ships present, considering their roles.

The Same thing goes for Admiral Farragut’s Memorial Park, and Museum in Tennessee. (He was born, and raised in Campbell’s Station, Tn. and that town was renamed for him ) It is also on the Site of an important Civil War Battle. An Admiral’s Memorial sited in a land locked location. (Though there is a Yacht Club on the Tennessee River several miles away) :slight_smile:

We have relatives in ****son, TN. Too bad it’s still almost four hour drive from there to Farragut. Have you been to the museum? If so, worth the trip?

Ha-ha! Checker edited the city name!

It’s worth a visit if you’re fairly local, not much to it really, the museum is very small, just a room or two in the town hall and may be more involved with the Battle of Campbell’s Station than Farragut. The Park is nice, but also very small. So unless you’re passing through town, I wouldn’t take the trouble. They have recreated the Cabin he used aboard his Flagship USS Hartford, furnishing it with his personal effects, and such things as he used at that time. As for the Grammer police part of the site, it is a nuisance, in Knoxville there are a number of forts, one named after a man called D i c kerson, and the Nanny will do the same for that name. This Fort is the only Hill Fort of 4 such Forts open to the public. Knox had I believe 16 different Batteries, and forts surrounding it.