Lone Star Flight Museum

This museum is located in Galveston, TX. Initially it housed over 40 planes, but with last years hurricane, many were moved to other parts of Texas. So, we were kind of disappointed we didn’t get to see them all. Here are some pictures of planes at the museum now. Most of them still run and are airworthy as they are part of the Confederate Air Force.
Edit: Only one of the three hangars is open, that’s why the planes are very close to each other.
B-17 Flying Fortress

The mighty b-17. Those pics are great. Thanx.

I’ve been there before. It was a very long time ago, unfortunately, and I went with a friend who had also gone aboard the USS Lexington in Corpus Christie. Shame that all the planes couldn’t have been saved(they left a Spitfire there, and I heard from a different friend that the rear was very crumpled up…)

Here is a F4U-5N Corsair: (One of my favorite planes) Check out the massive propeller!

Here is a SBD-5 Dauntless Dive Bomber:

Yeah, two of the three hangars are still closed. They have some planes they are repairing off in one of the still closed hangars. There was a Grumman Hellcat, some other type bomber, and a freight plane, among others. I didn’t see the Spitfire in there, maybe it’s in another hangar.

B-25 Mitchell Bomber:

P-47D Thunderbolt: (Obviously not original markings :D)

Beautiful 1940’s Chevrolet truck: (Sorry, had to put this in here.:))

What a classic.

A grand museum, I would enjoy seeing a B-17 up close.

Yeah, that was a magnificent plane. They did a great job restoring it. I can’t imagine the feeling of hearing and seeing hundreds of those overhead.

I remember going to the Imperial War Museum in London. It always makes it more personal when you see it for real.

Now that museum would be a site to behold with the UK’s rich history! There’s a large airforce museum that we want to see in Dayton, Ohio where my wifes grandmother lives. Hoping to go up next summer.

Great…it would be awesome if you could bring back some pics.

Cute Crevrolet :mrgreen:. beautiful gallery there Navyson :wink:

Thank you! Yes, the Chevy truck was my third favorite thing there.:smiley:

Great set of pics, navyson, a pleasure to see them, many Thanks! :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards, Uyraell.

Thanks! I appreciate it!