Please suggest me some names related with colors for my new baby ?

Hello guys we are blessed with a baby girl . She is very pretty and cute . She has grey eyes . I want a name which meaning is related to colors. She makes our life colorful . Alba, Rosaline and more

An odd request to make of a War History website. But, I’ll play along, how about Odie Green?

Indra Maeve ? Maeve (Maedbh) was a warrior queen of Irish legend, so that has something to do with war (even if it was back in the late Iron Age). BTW tankgeezer - is “Rosaline” not pretty close to “The Yellow Rose of Texas” ? Abhimanyu - best wishes and congratulations on the joyous addition to your family, from one far away. Best regards, JR.

In Texican (so I’m told,) Rosa Amarillo would be it’s name, it’s true name is put forth as “Kerria japonica” and also “Harison’s Yellow” A hybrid form of Rose. There are plenty of stories surrounding the “Yellow rose” giving it a place in Texas Independance History, and is also said the be a nick name given to one Emily D. West, a free Woman of color (then referred to as a “High Yellow”)who is said to have played a part in the defeat of General De Santa Anna by distracting him with her Charms. This is purely legend mind you, but the Yellow in yellow Rose was said to refer to her being a High Yellow. All very entertaining in those days perhaps, but in truth,very unlikely. The meaning of the Name Rosaline varies with each Nation, as does the Spelling, here are some examples.
American Meaning:
The name Rosaline is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Rosaline is: Rose.

Spanish Meaning:
The name Rosaline is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Rosaline is: Beautiful; pretty rose.

German Meaning:
The name Rosaline is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Rosaline is: Compound of ‘horse’ and ‘snake’.

In the Song “Yellow rose of Texas” there is mention of a “Rosa Lee” but not a Rosaline. Here is the line.

“Her eyes are bright as diamonds,they sparkle like the dew;
You may talk about your Dearest May, and sing of Rosa Lee,
But the Yellow Rose of Texas beats the belles of Tennessee.”