Previous school,highschool,college years before 89

I mean the years before Nicolae Ceausescu.How was schooling back then?Was it more different than nowadays?When you were entering a highschool or college you were getting out with something usefull and applicable?How many study hours were there in that time?Were there manuals,exercises books,notebooks for all scholars?How severe were the teachers?Was there correctness in that time?I mean when you shared something to someone everything was equal to superiors and inferiors.
We could put in our disscusion world war 2.
I had an uncle in my country and he had 2 jobs electrician and accountant.He fought in the first and the second war.By 1945 he abandoned his first lieutenant function in the army and he choosed these 2 jobs.I dont know how he got promoted from the rank soldier to first lieutenant.Maybe he was a cultivated man(he had an entire library at his service so i guess he was a geek).
Why can’t we learn nowadays lots of information like back then?

Jeez,this is a history forum and nobody knows what and how the 30s and 40s were?

Mate, you got impatient after couple minutes. You’re lucky that anyone came along after an hour to see what this is about. You may have to wait until someone from Romania comes along that can remember those times for more information, which could take weeks.

The members know (assuming they are old enough to have been alive in the 30’s, and 40’s) the histories of their own Nations, and perhaps that of some others, but it may be awhile before someone fitting your needs comes along with the information you require. Remember, Hard line communism wasn’t that interested in history, only its own agenda, and political ends. for which, National history was often molded to fit those Ends, and Agenda.(no matter how much Fiction had to be employed.) As our Esteemed Member Churchill advised, be patient, someone will come along and be able to fill in some blanks for you.

Hi alex. I’m not sure about romania but i went to the soviet school since mid 80-yy until the mid 90-yy. And i have to say - eveyting was better in USSR! The equality of moden education is suck! Especialy in basis and exact science. The soviet education was probably best in the world( what proves the international school olympiads resaults). And it was literally FREE!! The modern education fully elitist and pay - it conforttable and available for wery limited number of rich elite - the rest children is prepearing to be the trash.

Why can’t we learn nowadays lots of information like back then?

Becouse somene wants you to forget the history;) The masters want to present the current problems in Romania as non-essential compared to the “dark past”. Its political propogand

Yes,their agenda was a “class struggle”. It was actualy revolutianary method in historical and economical science for the mid-late 19 century among manies european intellectuals-leftists. Today it’s considered obsolete but , in fact, manies motives and tendentions of novadays capitalism were precisionly predicted by marxists. The periodical crysises and systematical unemployment with increasing work-week - those only the most visible factors of social desaster. And most amazing - after downfall of communism on the east - the losers are evrywhere, including on the west. The greedy capitallist are constantly “tightening the screws”

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