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This “posters” IP ( shows a lot of red flags and dozens of email addresses and is based in Pakistan. We’ll keep an eye on him for now…

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Posted by: JoelParker
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Well Patton was known as a brilliant general :rolleyes:

I was suspicious of this member when he first signed up. Though there was nothing immediately damning on his blue page, I remained suspicious, figured to watch his postings for edited in spam links etc. I also think that new member “Eastwind” deserves scrutiny. Out of the blue,from Dallas Tx. and a large number of posts which trend to the negative.

I have been wondering where all the others have been keeping themselves . When’s the last time we heard from PDF, FTG, or RS* ? Have Aliens carried them off someplace?



RS* is here.

Safe with us.

SURPRISING, indeed, DISTURBING lack of resistance to anal probe.

Anal probe says he’s full of shit.

We will return him to earth after working out his shit, which could take a while as it’s definitely not like other specimens previously obtained from YEE-HAH boys in rusty pick-up trucks coming home from rodeos in the Texas flatlands with their favourite calves in the passenger seat all gussied up with lipstick 'n shit. The calves, that is. Texas boys gussy theyselves up after a rodeo with a cowpat tan, which is irresistible to Miss Florry at the Longhorn. That’s all they call the place. Named after the man who owns it, but Miss Florry says that’d be a stretch.

But first we have to do the penis probe. Maybe it’s the intergalactic anaesthetic, but RS* seems to think that a precious part of him is going to be the probe. Another major disappointment looming on his unsuspecting horizon.

Battlestar Thingy

I highly recommend this song to be used as training for extended Space Travel.

Eastwind qualifies as the Forum’s current intergalactic laxative.

He’s certainly giving me the shits.

He is a shit! :smiley: And the prince of the non-sequitur…

He is at least for now entertaining, maybe some of the membership will dust off their keyboards and join in. I laughed when he called you P.C. Nick, I think that eventually he will become frustrated, and move on.

Eastwind is giving me a strong sense of deja vu.

His irrational determination to maintain that Britain didn’t do anything useful to win the war reminds me of some other equally ill-informed and long gone US-centric f*ckwit poster with a similar outlook, but I can’t recall who it was. I think he might have been a committed re-enactor.

I’m with TG that Eastwind is entertaining. He hasn’t breached any forum rules (although his querulous responses to TG suggests that his paranoia that he’s being censored will induce him to commit forum suicide sooner or later) so I’m happy to let him run.

He demonstrates a bit of superficial knowledge and is reviving dormant threads, which might bring the forum up in internet rankings.

Whether his posts will encourage anyone else to post remains to be seen. I was going to respond to one of his more rational posts until I saw his farcical anti-British drivel directed to me in another thread and decided not to. I’m basing this on one of the few useful pieces of advice my father gave me: Never argue with a drunk or an idiot. As I drink a bit and Eastwind is an idiot, it’s bound to end badly. :smiley:

We, as mature and responsible moderators, must ensure that we do not succumb to the temptation to amuse ourselves by provoking an idiot. Hopefully others will rise to that task. :wink: :smiley:

The funny part of it is that I never changed a word of anything he posted. In a response to him I clicked the wrong button, but remedied that. It still shows though that I was in Edit mode on the post. Which, is fine by me, if that riles him he must have come here to be riled. I think he is a Season Ticket holder to the Theater of laughable Dramas. His I.P. shows Dallas Tx. while he says he’s in Maine.

It Seems our new best friend Eastwind has run out of, well, wind. hasn’t been binge posting for awhile now.

He may well have been using his cell phone as a hotspot or just using it to post on his data-plan, not sure how that relates to IP being in different regions of the country…

Yeah I think he’s run out of steam because he has nothing of depth to say. His Caveman Lawyer “I tech illiterate” thing was getting a bit old…

Indeed! He may have moved on to some other site to let his manic posting run rampant. (or maybe Nurse Ratchet just brought his meds.) I do hope he comes to visit occasionally, he got the gang to post a bit.

Yeah, well, just remember that there’s a fair bit of dispute about whether the Eastwind message was sent and or received, and some post war disputes about whether there were coverups or just stuff ups or anything else you want to propose about the Wind messages, so Eastwind could emerge from the North Pacific any time and surprise us all. ;):smiley: