Rules regarding Warnings/Infractions!

This has been written to both guide moderators and setup rules regarding infraction points.

Please see See Section A for definitions and procedures.

General Rules (R#):

R1. In all cases a member MUST be warned before an infraction point is handed out. It will be mandatory this is done so that other staff members can quickly understand the situation regarding that member. Henceforth, this will be known as a “formal warning.” PLEASE NOTE: All other types of warnings that are not formal are regarded as informal.
R2. Informal warnings maybe used. PLEASE NOTE: No infraction point will be valid if a formal warning has not been issued first.
R3. When a formal warning is given, the member will be given a certain amount of days to respond/read the warning. This can easily be set when issuing the formal warning.
R4. Once a formal warning has been issued and it is understood the member has acknowlegded the warning, then if the problem persists, infraction point(s) can be issued. .
R5. When a formal warning/infraction point(s) has been issued is must be clear what the problem is, how to correct it and what will happen if the problem persists.
R6. Any member that reaches 5 infraction points will be banned from the site.
R7. All formal warnings/infraction points may be appealed to the staff for review.
R8. All site members including the staff may recieve formal warnings/infraction points.
R9. If a moderator recieves 2 infraction points they will be removed from their position.
R10. Moderators can only recieve formal warning/infraction points from Super-Moderators and Administrators.
R11. Super-Moderators can only recieve formal warning/infraction points from Administrators.
R12. Moderators will appeal formal warnings/infraction points to Super-Moderators and Administrators.
R13. Super-Moderators will appeal formal warnings/infraction points to Administrators.
R14. Since ww2admin is head of the site he will chose his own punishment system for Co-Administrators.
R15. No member will advance to moderator/super-moderator/co-administrator with an infraction point.
R16. These rules may be amended at anytime in the future.

Exceptions (E#):

E1. Once a member reaches the 5 point infraction limit, they will not have the option of an appeal.
E2. Once a moderator/super-moderator reaches a 2 point limit they will not have the option to appeal. They will then be restored to normal member status.
E3. Moderators/super-moderator can attempt to negoitate the deferment of an infraction point in change for a decrease in moderating powers.
E4. Administrators are not subject to the punishment system stated above. See R14.
E5. In some cases the Administrator(s) may exercise their right to overlook stated rules. Explanation should be given.
E6. Members that pose a direct and/or immediate threat to the site NEED NO informal or formal warning. Staff members can automatically proceed to banning the member.
E7. Members that DO NOT pose a direct and/or immediate threat but have acted in such a way that lacks “moral fiber”, a formal warning maybe skipped BUT ONLY after discussing the situation with staff members.
E8. Members that have “non-expiring” infraction points may appeal to have them removed or scaled down to “time-limited” after one year from the time of the infraction and with good behavior.
E9. These Exceptions may be amended at anytime in the future.

Rules regarding formal warnings/infraction points (P#):

PLEASE NOTE: Rules R2, E6 and E7 before continuing.

P1. First time infractions should be handled with only enough punishment to make the seriousiness of the issue obvious. “Time-limited” formal warnings/infractions points are suggested.
P2. First time infractions should never exceed one “non-expiring” point. This limits first time infractions to a 1 point total.
P3. If a staff member wishes to exceed the 1 point total. He must first discuss the situation with staff members.
P4. Issuing an infraction point without first warning the a member will result in a “non-expiring” formal warning.
P5. Violation of rule P2, will result in a “non-expiring” formal warning.
P6. Violation of rule P2 or P4, after a “non-expiring” formal warning has been issued, will result in a 1 “non-expiring” infraction point.
P7. Any formal warning/infraction point in which it has been decided the time limit should exceed 6 months should be regarded and bumped to a status of “non-expiring.”
P8. These rules may be amended at anytime in the future.

Section A:


-Infraction: Any action by a member that is against stated rules of the site.
-Informal warning: Any type of warning to a member that might appear in a thread, post, pm, email or other type of communcation that has not gone throught the “formal warning” process.
-Formal warning: A warning that has gone through the procedure listed below. These can be “non-expiring” or “time-limited.”
-Infraction Point(s): A point, much like a demerit, that has been issued through the infraction point procedure. There is a 5 point maximum regardless of the points being “time-limited” or “non-expiring.”
-Time-limited: Refers to the amount of time that a formal warning/infraction point will be valid.
-Non-expiring: Refers to a formal warning/infraction point that is permanent.
-Example of lacking moral fiber: This is a rather vague terminology. A classic example would be inpersonation a WW2 veteran. Another would be abusing moderating powers for whatever personal gain.
-Active warning/infraction: Warnings/Infractions that have not reached their expiration date. A member will only be banned on 5 “active” infraction points.
-Expired warning/infraction: Warning/Infraction that has reached the expiration date. Warnings must be active to issue an infraction point.


Issueing a formal warning:

After several informal warnings now it’s the time to award a formal warning.
On the profile of the bad guy :wink: you’ll find in the upper right “Give Infraction” link.

After hitting it you’ll see something like this one:

Let’s say that the bad guy (e.g. Erwin…) abused the rules of inappropriate language. Select the reason and thick the “Warning” button. Also you have to send an administrative note (in fact it’s a pm) to the warned user.

If you wish to issue a Warning with a different time-limit or make the warning non-expiring, just put the dot in Custom infraction. Write the reason, set points to 0 and give expiration time. If you wish it to be non-expiring you must click on the pull down tab and select NEVER.


So the results in the profile window will be:

Another step would be awarding a standard infraction point.

On custom infraction points you have to click on custom infraction the “Reason” button and to fill in it with the reason . (For instance I wrote that copyright infrigement bullshit :smiley: ). You have to write also the points of infraction and to select the time frame if you want an expiring point(s). Do not forget that you have also to write the administrative note below.

And the final result would be:

Red indicates Infraction points and Yellow indicates Formal warnings.

Staff members may suggest additions to the infraction list of problems that occur frequently.

Here are the new rules. No staff member may issue warnings/infraction points untill they have posted here and confirmed they have read the rules. EXCEPTIONS…ww2admin can do whatever he wants. Ill let it go if it is a spammer.

All the above may seem redundant but it is meant to clarify for us and future staff members.

Thanks to Dani for the pics.

Also we havent decided on if we should show the basic rules to the public. Next we should redefine our rules into one simple to read FAQ.

Please feel free to ask questions!

What you guys dont like the rules or something?

I already read this.

Anyone else?

You dont have many customer tonight Gen Sandworm :rolleyes:

Let’s say that the bad guy (e.g. Erwin…) abused the rules of inappropriate language.

That is a classic one…isnt ? :smiley:

You bet!:wink:

Good old times… :smiley:

Good old times…

Oh, I agree, I wasnt moderator and was free to be unpolite with people :mrgreen:

By the way, I am still unable to phisically remove post in the off-topic section.

Ive been over the permissions…and since your a mod you should be able to do what the other mods can do. Permission are not set individually. Not sure what the problem is. You can always move the thread somewhere else then physcially remove it. Ill keep looking into it.

Read and understood. I dont think the public really need to be concerned with this until it affects them.

Then perhaps they should be sent a copy, this may allow them to moderate their behaviour at that point alone.

As we did not talk about repeat offenders in the rules I thought I would bring it up. In the recommendations for awards section PK gave 1000yd a infraction point for insulting him. In this case NO formal warning was issued. Which is okay coz he has already done it before. So PK I totally agree with you on the infraction point. So take this as an amended rule.

We need to be careful on insults. Any member insulting another members needs to be properly warned to be careful as it could result in an infraction point. It not okay to insult any member of the site regardless of status.

The only thing I would add Mon general is that everything is discussed before hand. Sometimes what one guy would think is an insult, others may not. Its a very cultural thing.

With so many nations here whats banter in one could be insulting in others.

I told PK that I think he overeacted to what was supposed to be a compliment but that to me had no bearing on the infraction. Yes ppl need to be careful what the say. Other cultures take things differently than you might think. 1000yd was pushing the envelope IMO

On another note PK can you now delete topics in the off-topic section?

Another note! I also add an instant click for Spammer! So you dont have to type in much anymore. Just click type spammer then whatever. :smiley:

I think I’m getting old.:wink:

Where, where?

Try an infraction and you should see a dot for and instant 5 points for spammer!

Now it’s clear.

Never thought about it since you know already my way of banning.:cool:

Whats your way of banning Dani?

On another note PK can you now delete topics in the off-topic section?

Yes, now I can do it.

Other cultures take things differently than you might think. 1000yd was pushing the envelope IMO

I dont thing the culture ( my culture is this case) have somethin to do with 1000yds comments and behavior, he and others had been warned until the exhaustion before, that seems to have not effect, well maybe the infraction will have.

To call a person as the human vulva is not a compliment, neither banter, is a insult, if you insult a Mod dot wait a price for that, pretty simple.

I will handle the things in this way from now on, If someone have problems with that please tell me otherwise.