Site not accessible for a couple Days.

Hey all, anyone else not have access for the past few Days? Could not get to the site at all, much less Log on. I emailed Procyon, didn’t hear back, but all seems well again.

I could access the site but couldn’t post thread, only getting an error message. Good to be back…

But now I notice the Photo side isn’t working. Boy do we look highspeed! :slight_smile:

Noticed that as well,very Commodore 64… He’ll figure it out… :slight_smile:
The Moderation of posts, messages etc. wasn’t working either, but is now.

The thread, post moderation functions don’t seem to work for me, any problems for the rest of you?

It’s back after a hiatus, not sure if everything works right or not…

Procyon emailed me with an update on the repairs a couple Days ago, VBulletin was having problems, which accounts for the various Gremlins in the system. Procyon also replaced the Ram in the Server. Finally, I’m hoping all is well for the long term. One good thing may be that the Spammers gave up, and moved along elsewhere… It is good to be back… :slight_smile:

Well, how are those updates coming FFS??!!

No idea, I have to refresh the page after log in, or it doesn’t show me as online. Same for getting to the moderation section, sometimes more than one refresh needed.