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US propaganda poster 1943

A US propaganda poster from 1943. The allies break the swastika together.

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Anyone noticed that the french arm caused the least damage to swastika? Coincidence?

Poor french, always getting the short end of the stick! Just kidding…just kidding!

French are just unlucky… if they was lucky - WWII may over earlier.

No, at least to my experience, artists rarely do such things by accident. It probably wasn’t a coincidence, but without being able to talk to the artist, you just have to choose what to believe. While it could be a subtle swipe at the French for the Vichy government or whatever, I suspect it had more to do with what France was able to do (in 1943, the date of the poster) in comparison to the other three. While I don’t think the UK would have fuzzed, the USSR might have been slighted if the French were given “equal” credit. And before this printed, it was sure to go through some bureaucratic approval process – it was a propaganda poster after all. While it’s possible for an artists personal expressions to slip by, I think a policy wonk what have noted this one if it hadn’t been intended – unless, of course, the wonk also didn’t like the French!