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Vickers 6-Ton - not always a happy ending ...

Polish Vickers 6-Ton Tank destroyed by German antitank fire, Poland, 1939. The Vickers 6-Ton was a sturdy and reliable little tank, but it was seriously undergunned (1 3-pounder low velocity gun main armament) and not adequately armoured (13mm frontal) to resist even the much-maligned German 47 mm. "door knocker" antitank gun. This example seems to have had its door comprehensively knocked. Previous captioner records that the driver was killed when this tank was knocked out. No surprise; if the whole crew had been killed, I would not be surprised. Poland was one of those 6-Ton purchasers that used it as the basis for a successor tank, built under license. This was the 7TP Light Tank, with increased frontal armour (17mm as compared with 14mm) and a considerably superior main armament (37mm high velocity cannon). They did not fare much better against the German panzers and antitank guns - a matter of organization as well as technology. Best regards, JR.

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37mm Pak 36 doorknocker - the three pounder was a 47mm medium velocity AT gun (first dedicated anti armour gun to be fitted to a tank - on the Vickers Mk I Light tank [later re-classified as Mediums], in the 1920’s)

Probably it was also a bit slow to help itself by speed…

They could be very dangerous to all tanks available to the Germans at the time though.

Sorry about getting my "mms" mixed up, leccy - a typo, I assure you. Best regards, JR.