Vietnam War Film - Student Project

This semester for an Advanced Film class, we are co-directing a Vietnam War film. It is a really ambitious project and our whole group is really excited to start working on it. Because the project is so large, we are asking friends, family and kind strangers to help us with the funding. Being college students and going to a state school means that we don’t have a whole lot of money and neither does our school.

If you would like to learn more (about the project or how to give money), you can go to and search for “Vietnam Redux”

Any donation will help! :smiley:

Katy & Dilila

Also, I forgot to mention that by donating, you can receive a copy a free copy of the DVD or a prop from the movie, depending on how much you donate!

What school is this again?

Too bad herman’s not around. He loves donations.

I’d rather not say which kind though. :-?