Vietnam war killing of Vietcong and NVA prisoners

I have a friend [ former USMC in the VIETNAM WAR ] who says they killed captured prisoners. My friend served with the 1st and 3rd MARINE
DIVISIONS in the north near the DMZ. He said they were no rules of war followed by the MARINES in this area.


How come there are no replies to this subject ?


Maybe it’s not that surprising after all…

Probably because there isn’t anything new in it, apart from exaggeration.

I agree with the above, certainly some prisoners were executed. But it sounds like a good deal of hyperbole and there were also many VC/NLF taken prisoner…

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I always use “murder” as execution should be at a high and official level.
Killing prisoners is absolutely forbidden by regulation.
Sure it happened, but there was an emphasis on collecting intelligence, and you need live subjects for that.

The war lasted a long time-different day, different crap.
The Montagnards and Cambodians I served with would not take prisoners, but that was out of my control.

Only my view, first off, a lot of soldiers tell you they done this and done that, most of it, is a lot of bullshit. my image of Vietnam is of a little girl, we all know the the one, after saying all this, yes it did happen, it was nothing new, its still happening today.