War Horse

A movie about a young man named Albert and his horse, Joey, and how their bond is broken when Joey is sold to the cavalry and sent to the trenches of World War One. Despite being too young to enlist, Albert heads to France to save his friend.


I finally managed to get to see this. It felt as though I was watching a Disney movie at times, but had some good WWI era scenes in it. A little disappointing to me , but none the less good entertainment.

Agree about the evocation of WW1. However, the whole thing was rather too sugary for me. “Disney” is not a bad characterisation. Had the Waltons ridden onto the battlefield on a gun carriage drawn by Bambi … no, that would be a slight exaggeration, but the whole thing was too sentimental for me. Not least when one considers what the war actually did to horses, and by the millions … Best regards, JR.

Saw this movie and it was a damm good movie, I loved how it touched upon the different factions of the war and how they were so similar in handling the war with supplies but at the same time more different. They relied on the citizens to handle all the expenses that was food and clothing, as well as animals.

Je n’comprend pas … JR.