War Room -Rules

Not so much a Rule as a guideline. As im sure most of you know. What is discussed in the War Room stays in the war room. Untill such time we decide to act on it. The information in here is for mods and admins.

Ive locked this topic. I know you all can unlock. But i just wanted it to be easy to read. So lets keep it that way. Thanks.

New Moderators:

So you are a new moderator? Congratulations. What is expected of you:


  1. You are here to moderate and you should always try and be fair.
  2. You are a part of a team. Always remember this.
  3. You should try and be here at least once a day. Give notice when you are on leave.
  4. You should observe the rules and you are expected to contribute as much as possible on this forum.
  5. The Chief Mod(s) are your boss. Administrators do not overrule them unless they have to. So listen to them.
  6. When moving topics never leave a shadow topic.
  7. Info discussed in the War Room never leaves the War Room. Along with this goes the appearance that the management always knows what they are doing. Never show doubt outside the War Room. Hence its purpose and why we have it.
  8. If unsure just ask.
  9. You can suggest a rule, however must be confirmed by the others. Administrators, Chief moderators, etc…
  10. War Room is a place to voice your opinion and be heard, just do not do it in public.
  11. You can delete, edit, modify and warn without asking and also lock topics when things are getting out of hand. When you are new please ask before doing anything so we can steer you along the right path. We are watching and trust your judgment.
  12. While editing/modifying other’s posts, there will be no sign of editing (with exception of your posts). Therefore a note below is requested: “Edited by… for…”. Be fair and add the note. Minor editing (eg typos) is not subject of issuing the note.
  13. Most important: you are a reprehensive of the site so act like you have some sense.
  14. If you are on the site when it comes under attack you are expected to act. If you do not you can be demoded.
  15. You are always expected to protect the site. Therefore, we would like to have your messenger address so that we may contact you in the event of an emergency.

Warnings and Rewards

  1. You can be kicked from being a mod at any time. You will be entitled to a reason why. Most likely it has been thought through thoroughly and is not debatable. However you can try.
  2. You can step down at anytime without shame and keep your rank and part in the war room. However we reserve the right to remove you and demote you if your conduct is poor.
  3. All Moderators, if done well have a chance to be Chief mod, if your conduct warrants so.
  4. As said the Chief mod is your boss and you will take his orders. Failure to do so can result in expulsion.
  5. Feel free to voice your opinion in the war room about anything.
  6. Along with becoming a moderator you will receive a promotion to Captain.

Basically your job is to read and understand. Watch posts. If they are double go ahead and delete them. No need to ask on simple stuff. If you are confused about something please ask. Gen. Sandworm, FW, Dani, Tiger and Firefly……we have been doing it for sometime so we can help you. Lastly…………to all. WW2ADMIN has the final say so in all affairs. His site his rules.

Chief Moderators:

  1. You are expected to keep control over the moderators.
  2. You are the example of what moderators should strive to be.
  3. All rules for Moderators apply to you smartly.
  4. You are entitled to the rank of Colonel.
  5. In the event of being discharged you are entitled to a warning before and a reason why. This differs from normal moderators because you have the honor of a warning. If you do not change then you will be demoded. You cannot be demoded without receiving (within reason) a warning first.
  6. You are allowed to issues medals to members.
  7. You are basically an Administrator just without the options. Anything you say will be regarded with the utmost respect.
  8. Always make sure that your moderators are well informed. Do not feel afraid to correct Administrators when they are wrong as well.
  9. If the conduct warrants so you have the possibility (with confirmation of ww2admin) of becoming an administrator.

Would just like to add the War Room is a democracy for the most part, however it can quickly change to a dictatorship in the event of a crisis or other circumstances. In this case just follow orders and you will be fine. This is the last option in an emergency. If you do not understand your rank/position please ask us and we will tell you.