Was imperialism a cause for WW2?

I need a topic sentence for one of my paragraphs in my history paper. This paragraph has to do with imperialism and how it was a cause for WW2

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Everyone here already knows this, if a member asks about some particular act of Spamming the Staff will answer, but beyond that, we generally though not in all cases remove the posts as they are discovered.
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I took the effort to google it, and there is a wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forum_spam
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All joking aside - we should be grateful to the Mods for their vigorous work in keeping this site “clean”. I can recall one quasi-historical website devoted to royal and noble European genealogy, run by an acknowledged (if wacky) expert on the subject, that was completely wrecked - rendered quite beyond its intended use - by persistent postings of commercial and generally irrelevant/idiotic spam. Keep up the good work, guys. Very best regards, JR.

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You want the simple answer

Yes it was a big factor why we had the second great war

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If no one replies, they either have no information to offer, or they have no desire to respond, it depends on your question. Post a specific question, and you’re more likely to receive a response. However, if that post contains Spam, or anything not allowed on our Boards, or in your profile page, banning may well occur.

Thanks for providing me necessary information. I was so much confused with this fact but you have solved my problem.