Why are some WW2 photos/videos in COLOR?

Colour photography had been available since the early 1900s, and colour movie film from at least as early as the 1930s.Agfa, a German company made both beginning before WW2.It was however far more expensive than black and white film, so was used relatively rarely.

So would these color movies be made showing oh, lets say Chinese submersible water pumps sold by the company you’re Spamming for hengdaen?

Showing my ignorance - how does one diagnose spamming ? I haven’t seem a water pump at all … Yours in confusion, JR.

I’ve sent you a PM in answer, but will add here that there are a few types of Spam in use. Comment spam is when commercial sales adverts are posted on the boards themselves. Profile spam is when these same ads. or links to them are left as part of a person’s profile page, or in their home page link. Then there is spamming as in frequently posting no value added comments just to pad one’s post count.