Battle of Fredericksburg vs. Battle of Gettysburg

“Picketts Charge” on the center of the Union lines during the Battle of Gettysburg has been immortalized, memorialized, etc., yet the Union advances towards Marye’s Heights during the Battle of Fredericksburg has not. Each advance was ill advised and futile but one receives more credit than the other. Why? Any thoughts?

Edit: On a side note to this, I was talking with my uncle since posting this thread and found out one of our ancestors was wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg and subsequently died from those wounds a month later. I knew of an ancestor who was captured by the Confederates and died in captivity but this other info was new to me.

This is pure speculation, but it may be that Pickett’s Charge got caught up in the larger battle of Gettysburg, imprinting it more deeply in the American mind, and history than Fredericksburg which happened 7 months earlier. The Staggering number of casualties alone might account for that. (just for comparison, 10 yrs of Viet Nam around 57,000 casualties,3 days at Gettysburg about 53,000) As I said this is speculation only.

I would say that Pikket’s Charge marked the end of the of an era: the percieved invincibility of Lee and his cavaliers; a turning point in the war; the last gasp of chivalry before the likes of Grant and Sherman really stamped their personalities on the war. In effeect the end of the ‘Old South’ nothing would be the same again.

Good points TG and 32bravo, thanks!