Battle of Stalingrad


Where would the USSR have been without the Battle of Britain, which stopped Germany invading Britain and allowed Britain and its Commonwealth to fight on alone in the world until the USSR was forced into the war by Germany’s attack in mid-1941?

Imagine what would have happened to the USSR if Britain had been defeated and the German forces it held against it in western Europe and the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to mid-1941 had been released for the assault on the USSR.

Not to mention the material and materiel support which came to the USSR from Britain and from America based through Britain to the USSR after the USSR was forced into the war.

Around the same time Britain was busy evacuating its army from France so it could continue its lone fight with its Commonwealth against Germany, the USSR after carving up eastern Europe with Germany was busy massacring 20,000 or so Polish soldiers at Katyn.

Shortly afterwards Britain defeated Germany in the Battle of Britain, which held German forces against Britain in various theatres.

This allowed the USSR to avoid fighting Germany, which was a very good idea as Stalin, with the rare brilliance of paranoid dictators, had wiped out much of the senior ranks of the Soviet officer corps in his memorably stupid purges and thereby left his army deficient in leadership capable of matching the Germans.

Other way around.

As leccy said,

Either you’re a troll or, politely, ignorant of history.

Either way, best for you to lift your game.

that is, in 1944.

really, the numbers show that Moscow, Kursk and Stalingrad were the largest battles of WWII.

just there where it had been… and to call a military operation ‘battle’ it takes sufficient amount of infantry to be involved in it; so how many Nazi Germany soldiers were destroyed by the British alone?

Oh of course! That evil Beevor, that manages to piss off both the Russians and Germans at the same time…

Largest battle judged by numbers of troops involved doesn’t necessarily equate to most important in an overall strategic sense.

“Battle” is a fluid term in popular and often military usage and in describing elements of an armed conflict.

The way you want to use it results, for example, in the Battle of Britain in the air and the Battle of the Atlantic and the pivotal Battle of Midway on the sea not happening because they didn’t involve infantry.

As for Kursk, it was in conventional land warfare terms an operation involving a series of battles, not, as you say, an operation which was a battle. Battles can occur in various circumstances in land warfare but so far as operations are concerned they are usually part of an operation rather than the entire operation.

A. The figure is irrelevant because
B. British Commonwealth forces were the only ones fighting Germany after France surrendered (and the USSR was busy oppressing eastern Europe) which
C. Resulted in significant strategic damage to Germany in the Atlantic and Mediterranean on water and in North Africa on land which
D. Kept the Suez Canal under Allied control which was critical to the war against Japan and
E. Reduced the forces available for Barbarossa and in particular
F. The British Commonwealth campaign in Greece and Crete, although a failure, delayed Barbarossa by about six weeks, which delay was critical by the time the Germans reached Moscow too late to endure the winter which
G. Was lucky for the USSR as if Britain had capitulated when France did, then Hitler would have turned all his forces on his main aim of conquering the USSR and, in the unlikely event your ancestors survived, you’d be speaking German now.

Body counts don’t mean much by themselves, as the Americans and South Vietnamese demonstrated over many years in Vietnam with triumphant, and frequently woefully inaccurate, body counts against an enemy which duly won.

because he is British and was told to white wash the Brits while tarnish Russians and Germans, right?

if by ‘startegic’ you mean a dastardly and cowardly practice of hiding from war while letting others fight it, then Britain is of course the winner here; but the talk is of true war where ‘war’ means destroying as much enemy sodiers as possible, which results in taking and controlling the territories the war is being waged for; this is what only matters.

take the world map and see where’s Germany; is it on sea?

that does make up for a military operation, let’s not go hair-splitting.

because they would show how small was Britain’s role in that war?

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and how? will you please elaborate?

I should also and particularly point to some posts in another thread: “The role of the USSR in World War II” In this thread you posted the following. “the East Front was the main WWII front where the biggest part of Nazi Germany troops was amassed and largest & most decisive battles ever in the history of mankind fought, so it was the USSR that won this war, hands down.” To which RS* responded, " Quote Originally Posted by Rising Sun* View Post
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for gosh sake why?.. my point is corroborated by all the numbers and statistics of the WWII which are there for everyone to see.

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which books? Beevor’s or other West authors who certainly have an axe to grind here?

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