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BUF brooch

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I had not actually seen an image of one of these before now. Gives a pretty clear signpost to how Sir Oswald saw his future. Fortunately, things did not work out quite that way … Thanks for posting, JR.

fascinating, I don’t know much about the Fascist movement in Britain, was it very large? In America ours was sizable, it included famous men like Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg if I recall.

By 1935, membership had fallen to less than 8,000 and the British government passed the Public Order Act 1936 which banned political uniforms and made police consent necessary for political marches. This effectively stopped the BUF, which was subsequently banned completely in 1940. Post-war, Mosely tried unsuccessfully to revive it as The Union Movement.

JR, do you know if its party (or a descent) still exist? I’ve read he partecipated to the elections till to the '60s.