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Dutch Army

Dutch ARmy exercise with Lewis MG, short before the War @Carn

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Helmets correct,use of Lewis gun also correct.Dutch Army had a bunch of those.The photos of Dutch uniforms(for modelism) I have show a somewhat different kind of green,a more grey green or slightly blue-ish green tone.If original colored,the colors may have changed over the years.

>If original colored,the colors may have changed over the years.< Not to mention the effects of usage, sun, and laundry…

Colorized or original?

I think it’s colorized.
Interesting helmets looks like a little bit french to me

Looks like original colour to me. Dutch army with French helmets?, how about Dutch helmets?, probably the M1934 Dutch helmet, same type Romanians used during WW2 (the latter called it M1939)! :wink: