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End of the War

Especially at Army Group Center under Schörner, during the last stage of WW2, this was a normal picture. Who does not want to continue fighting in the senseless battle or was suspected to desertion after scattered, was immediately hanged or shot. Here a German Major on 8th April 1945. texag57

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Yep, I agree with FTG… vets have stated that they threw everything into the defenses in the East against the Russians, to hold them back even for a while, if it meant thier families were safe a day longer

It wasn’t senseless to continue fighting in the east. It enabled millions of Germans - civilian and military - to reach western areas. Most eastern front vets would tell you so.

The two signs on him say "I made a pact with the Bolsheviks!"

A similar scene is visible in the film, Downfall / Der Untergang.