Father in Ukrainian SS ?

Hi Im trying to find out imformation on my father who was in possibly the Ukrainian SS, I was only told about this after his death four years ago.
My question is that is there an easy way to find out if he was SS although my mother assures me that he was the only bit im uncertain about is what division he was in. In one of his books called Hitlers Legions he has underlined SS Major General Fritz Freitag who commanded the 14th Grenadier Division ( Galizische#1 ).
My Father was born in the Ukraine in 1922 in Przemysl which is also Polish all very confusing to me but looking at old maps it does look like he was born in the western Ukraine if anyone can help me I would be gratefull

Hi richard.
The Przemyśl were Ukrainain only in sort period of 1939-41. Beeing the part of Poland the most other time.After ww2 it has been passed to Poland again.The ukraianins were the essential population of city but have been almost totally deported out in 1947( operation Vistula) becouse of the sadly known ethnic conflicts with poles.
As for the fate of your father , it’s almost impossible to say anything concrete about him unless you know the details like number of regiment or at least the battles he fought.

Here is the collection of photos of 14 waffenss-division Galicia

My Father died about 5 years ago never talking of the war with me, His birth cert states that he was Ukrainian at birth but when he came over to England it was as a displaced person,around 1955 he was given the option of taking a Russian or Polish nationality so chose Polish as he would never be seen as Russian, My brothers tell me that he fought in the siege of Narva where they were surrounded for six months and then fought in Lithuania and Latvia I was also told that he was part of a team who went hunting for russian partizans in woods in the areas just mentioned.
A story told to me over the years concerned my grandad who decided to kill one of his own pigs to feed his family, when the russians found out he was sent to prison for 6 months hard labour
I notice that you say at the beguinning that Przemysl was only Ukrainian for a short time 1939-41 although dad was born in 1922 and clearly stated on birth cert Ukrainian also his religon was if I get this right Russian Greek orthodox catholic it might be slightly incorrect because I do not have his birth cert in front of me.
I only wish he would have spoke of the war with me to give me some idea but I was always kept out of the conversations

Sad, sad. We often don’t apreciate what we have until it’s too late.

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Przemyś had app. only half of its population Polish in 1921. The rest were predominantly Ukrainians. So no wonder here.

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No, this time it’s enough to use secret American maps.
Przemyśl was located in the Lwow area, where app. half of population is Non-Polish.
The town lays roughly 1/3 way from Lwow (mark L on map) and Krakow (mark K on map).

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