Feminism hits a new high. Or low.


The best part of this bullshit is that many, maybe most, women here have been overwhelmingly opposed to it. And my wife prominent among them. Which is lucky for me, 'cos I think it’s a massive wank.

But there is something else that most people have missed. This small project was funded by a company that makes and installs traffic signals.

How many squillions of dollars do you reckon that company could make over the next umpteen years by replacing every male discriminatory signal in my city, compared with the limited growth in installing them in new outer suburbs? Not to mention making this a world wide trend?

Couldn’t believe it… what waste of tax payers money.

Even the mayor of Melbourne said these women have too much time on their hands.

3rd wave feminism must be shut down.

Omg don’t put the female in a dress! Not all women wear dresses. That’s an outdated, traditional, sexist stereotype! Anyone can wear a dress but it should not represent whats feminine. It should not symoblize
women. What the hell were they thinking?