General Simpson and ''Alcoholic Bitch''

I am trying to locate any information I can on a photo showing US General Simpson and Premier Winston Churchill walking by a tank that has the name “Alcoholic Bitch” painted on the side. I believe that the soldier just to the left of Winston Churchill is my father-in-law, Ray Horky.

Any information on the “Alcoholic Bitch” and “Ray Horky” would be greatly appreciated.

The Description under the photo is:

Jülich, Germany 1945. US-General Simpson passes ‘Alcoholic Bitch’, between them Premier Winston Churchill.

The url to the photo is:

Sorry, all the information I have about this image I put into the photo description.

OK, thank you very much for the reply.

Do you have the photo, and could you perhaps make a copy of it for my wife?


Well, the photo is in one of my books if a simple scan would be helpful?!?

Yes, a scan would be great. My wife would also like to know what the name of the book is, so she could perhaps find a copy and see if there are any more pictures of her father.


Guy Stewart

So, who is the alcoholic bitch ?

(and is this the reason why the commander and PM briskly walk in the opposite direction from behind the sherman to avoid nasty misinterpretations ?)

The “Alcoholic Bitch” was the name of the tank my father-in-law was the commander of. When Churchill asked my father-in-law why they named the tank the “Alcoholic Bitch”, his reply was “because that what she is”

If anyone has ANY information about this tank or crew, please contact me at

The ‘‘Alcoholic Bitch’’ was the name of the tank that my father-in-law commanded during WWII. When Churchill ask my father-in-law why they had named the take the ‘‘Alcoholic Bitch’’, his response was “because that’s what she is”.

If anyone has ANY information about this tank or crew, please contact me.