Which general do you think was better?
Patton or McAuthur.

Which fucking general do YOU think was better?


Why is that?

I think he was a better commander and leader.

Specifically how? What were his strengths? What were Patton’s weaknesses?

Didn’t Patton win the war he was associated with? Or was MacArthur already involved in WW2, not only Korea?

Gen. MacArthur was one of the commanders in the Pacific in the divided command largely pitting the US Navy against the Army. Adm’s Nimitz and King were the others vying for control, but grudgingly having to cede much of it to a commander whose performance they viewed as inferior during his command of the Philippines in which he committed more than one blunder…

And yes, Mac was awful in Korea both militarily and politically. Militarily, he was very sloppy from start to finish and is in no small part responsible for a poorly trained, “soft” occupation force and ignoring the Chinese infiltration early on. And he was a twat politically, issuing public statements and attempting to dictate US policy to his civilian overlords…

General McAuthur was better on the battlefield and he was liked more by his troops.Patton on the other hand was not as good on the battlefield and was hard to get along with and disliked by his troops.

Well, I’d definitely go with Patton, anyway. I believe his command during WW2 was excellent, and if what you say is right about MacArthur, he obviously sucked compared to Patton…

EDIT: Just saw your post, Davis…

But what do you say about Korea, which Patton obviously lost/stalemated… (Depends on POV)

Patton did not do to great in Korea but I wouldn’t say he did awful.

You mean MacArthur right, because Patton, you know, died a fiery death, such a shame for a lost of a great general (but may I say prejudice)

General Patton wasn’t in Korea. He died from injuries sustained in a car wreck in 1945, before WW2 ended.

I’d suggest a bit more personal research on these guys.

Both had significant grandious opinions of themselves which kind of comes with the position.

Both were getting hard to handle and control.

Truman had to travel to Korea and fire MacArthur personally as he had ignored his orders and had become a liability with his sabre rattling.
One of his ideas was to create an impassable radiation belt.

He had a lot to do with pacifying post war Japan. Some of this was related to preserving the emperor. He also managed to add to his personal wealth during this.

He was not highly regarded by the guys he ran out on in the Philipines.
He also was responsible for the heavy handed tactics used against the bonus army in DC.
He far exceded his instructions. A couple veterans were killed.
Ike was his adjutant.

Patton had a crackpot idea to take imprisoned SS scum and the American army and push into Moscow.
He probably had a much better combat record than Mac, but was just as loose a cannon.

There is a wealth of written history on these guys.

They were complicated multifaceted self percieved demigods.

MacArthur - a sort of military Donald Trump ? Just kidding, JR.

All of them…just pick one…better than MacArthur. Difficult to say with Patton, perhaps none better.

Well Patton was known as a brilliant general :rolleyes:

a question, do you think 1917 is a film faithful to the events that occurred? I know this group is from ww2 but I saw the movie in HD recently and I found it interesting to contextualize it in historical terms, which is quite important, don’t you think?