Genuine or fake photo's

Are these two photo’s staged, fake or the real deal?

Germans shooting attacking French.jpg

Shell explodes.jpg

They look Real to me!.Awsome photo just when a shell goes off.

That’s a good question. But, the war photographers were right up there at the front lines. One of the pictures on the pic side of the site was of an artillery shell exploding and the caption was that the camera man was killed as he took the picture of it happening. I’ll see if I can find it, no promises though.:smiley: A lot of pictures have been added since I saw that.

Photo on the left has to be staged - the cameraman is standing up, out of the trench. If that was a real attack, he’d be toast.
The one with the shell is possible, but the composition of the photo looks a bit staged - the chances of catching the landing of a shell in front of the lens by accident is close to zero, and there is nothing worth taking a photo of otherwise in the frame.

Thanx…that would be great if you could get that info.:smiley:

Yes i think you are right concerning this. The chances are that it could be a camera position from an early movie about WWI…their were a few of those made soon after the war.