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German armor on the move

Armored vehicles of the 2nd reconnaissance battalion of the "Grossdeutschland" division on the move in the village of Devitsa, Voronezh district. In the foreground is an Sd.Kfz. 250 infantry fighting vehicle; June 1942.

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With additional units, Grossdeutschland became a full strength motorized infantry division in May, 1942. In June the division broke through Soviet positions at Tim and pursued the retreating Red Army all the way to the River Don at Voronezh. The white helmet symbol on the back of this SdKfz 250 is the division symbol and below it is the symbol for the Kradschutzen (motorcyclists) Bataillon, the division’s reconnaissance unit. The “2” represents the 2nd Schwadron. Equipment of the battalion was as follows:
1st Schwadron: armored cars
2nd Schwadron: half-tracks
3rd Schwadron: Kubelwagens
4th Schwadron: Kubelwagens
5th Schwadron: 50 mm. anti-tank guns