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German Graves

An older soldier stands in front of German graves,Can anyone translate the caption on the sign?

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In Vilnius there is also the semetery of german, polish, imperial russian, austrian, and turk soldiers from both world wars. In soviet times thei vere flatened and the amusemet park vas constructed there.
Now the place is rebuilt to a somehow eary semetery vith unmarkt crosses, aranged in al orders.

Made some photos there
Post Št, 2009 Kov 21, 19:26

Vith friends from comunity wee lit some candles there on All Souls’ Day last year and we think to do it again this yar.

Did they move the bodies, too, or did they just leave them in the ground, unmarked?

Second part is “German Solider”, i think the first part is something “Unknown”, “Fin” been end in some languages but “End Unknown” doesn’t sound right. Could it be German way of saying “Unknown Solider”?

"An unknown German soldier" (Ein unbekannter deutscher Soldat).