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Germany 1945

A German woman holding some property whilst seeking for shelter. Soviet IS tank in the back. Germany, 1945.

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I can’t shake of the feeling that this is a cleverly made photocomposition??

I don’t know whether this is of any significance but - in the “Unknown Photos” section of this website, there is a b/w version of this 'photo picturing the same woman fleeing down the same street with, in the background … a “Star Wars” Evil Empire Battle Walker (or whatever they are called). Has the basic image become a playground for photoshop pranksters ? Best regards, JR.

Me too. It would be a too incredible shot (fleeing woman + tank in the background). Also the tank looks very odd.

It does look doctored or touched up at the very least, I know the image your thinking of JR and it’s called an AT-AT.