Hitler's Last Witness, The Memoirs of Hitler's Bodyguard Rochus Misch

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Hitler’s Last Witness The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard by By: Rochus Misch, Roger Moorhouse (Introduction by)

After being seriously wounded in the 1939 Polish campaign, Rochus Misch was invited to join Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) bodyguard. There he served until the war’s end as Hitler’s bodyguard, courier, orderly and finally as chief of communications.

On the Berghof terrace, he watched Eva Braun organise parties; he observed Heinrich Himmler and Albert Speer; and he monitored telephone conversations from Berlin to the East Prussian Führer Headquarters on 20 July 1944 after the attempt on Hitler’s life. Towards the end, Misch was drawn into the Führerbunker with the last of the ‘faithful’. As defeat approached, he remained in charge of the bunker switchboard as his duty required — even after Hitler committed suicide.

Misch knew the private side of Hitler, and his position was one of unconditional loyalty to him. This first-hand testimony of the last witness to Hitler’s final hours offers an intimate view of life deep inside the bunker, and it provides new insights into military events, such as Hitler’s initial feeling that the Sixth Army should pill out of Stalingrad.

Shortly before he died in 2013, Misch wrote a preface for this first-ever English-language edition. The book also contains an introduction by British historian Roger Moorhouse.

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Rochus Misch, Hitler’s wartime bodyguard, who was widely described as the last living witness to the Führer’s final days in his underground bunker as the Soviet Army closed in on Berlin, died in that city on Thursday. He was 96.