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Hungarian Mini Tanks

When most people hear the word “tank,” they probably don’t picture this. The Hungarian army created these miniature “mini tanks”. Their purpose was for swift and stealthy maneuvers. While they may have seen as a good idea at the time, able to maneuver where regular tanks couldn’t, in the end, they proved to be ineffective, and they ceased to be produced. This is most likely because they were outgunned by larger tanks.

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They’re “tankettes” actually. The idea isn’t to send them to slug it out with, say, a Sherman or T-34, to to have a clearly defined utilitarian role. Or perhaps not clearly defined, but just so useful at various roles. I’m not sure what they are but they look Italian? In any case there are many examples of small armored fighting vehicles being effective, even if not in the role originally intended. The Bren Gun Carrier was brilliant and useful tracked light AFV/APC that was similar to a Jeep in service. Also AFV’s like this are properly used in reconnaissance and perhaps for internal security duties. The German Heer had many captured small French tanks like the FT-17 for this…