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Hungarian soldiers in a trench

The Hungarian soldiers somewhere on the Eastern front.(1941-1944).Hungary was the most loyal German ally.

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take a look at MG Steyer-Solothurn S2 31.Very similar to MG34.I’m not sure so strong but it seems to me that,MG34 was partly based on it.

You’re right. Rheinmetall (The creator of the MG34 and MG42) had already created a predecessor model in 1930, the MG30, but because of adherence to the Treaty of Versailles, the Weimar Reichswehr was unwilling and unable to adopt it. <br /><br />
Rheinmetall therefore sold the license to Solothurn in Switzerland, and Steyr in Austria, who adopted it into their armies.<br /><br />
When the NSDAP was voted into power, they introduced the MG30 as MG15/17 (to hide its modernity) in their fighter planes, and adopted Rheinmetall’s successor MG, the MG34 as the main Machine Gun of the Wehrmacht.

Hungary was a loyal ally to Germany and Stalin noticed that too. After the war Stalin and Russia was pretty hard on Hungary. I have a few friends who made it out of Hungary in 1956 during the Revolt against the Communists.

A defensive position on the Tisza River in Hungary, during the summer/fall of 1944.