Information of Soviet Trucks?

I am looking for a site with a lot of information on Soviet trucks of the war. Any help would be appreciated.

Hmm… Well, Wikipedia (Although not always 100% reliable) has a good bit of information of a few Soviet trucks, like the ZIS-5:
Or the lend-lease Studebaker US6s that they used:
Hopefully some of this helps. If you check the see-also section in those articles you should find more and more info. :slight_smile:

This site is mostly in Russian but google translater works fairly well on it (it has an English section as well but not all articles are converted and some that are are not complete).

The trucks are under the Tanks section near the bottom.

The Russian Battlefield

Some nice drawings with a bit of info on each.

Engines of the Red Army in WW2

And for a proper book.

Its very informative site. I think everyone can learn so many thing from this site. I also learn alot of things. Thanks alot.