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Second photo of the hanging of Jenny-Wanda Barkmann after her conviction of war crimes in 1946. It is interesting how these pictures look no different than the pictures of the people he Nazi's hanged during their reign of terror .. hmmmm

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A Hanged body is a hanged body. A person hanged by the Allies doesn’t present a cleaner picture of death, then a person hanged by the nazis.

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In death she is equal to her victims. A shame that so many died and so many became co-conspirator/victims to satisfy Adolf’s wish for world domination. All RIP.

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I wonder if a life sentence would not have been more appropriate. Many, many years to think about the lives you took and the life you wasted. I think we would have been better served with life with no chance of parole, but I guess hanging just cut to the chase.

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Ok guys let me just first point out that maybe I’m a little late getting here to make this post but my research continues. First of all I am not defending Nazis and I just want to make that point clear… however, what happened to many people from many European countries was disgusting brutal and horrific so first of all we don’t forget what people suffered at the hands of the SS and the people who managed concentration camps. The truth fact is that many people responsible go away either during occupation through ratlines into Argentina or other European countries… while others were not so fortunate and were hanged for crimes against humanity. However I am trying to research exactly what these people were guilty for now this is where things get a bit sketchy… I’ve never trusted the Russians or at that time the soviets… they killed more people than the Germans the Nazis ever did and many of them were there on people… the Russians annihilated tens of thousands if not millions of polish people from priests teachers students philosophical and engineering as well as high ranking and low ranking soldiers who there a deemed enemy of the Soviet States. After the war Poland was swallowed up by the Soviet Union and therefore polish governments were pro Soviet… after the Nuremberg war trials and systematic hanging of SS guards female and male alike Russia needed to show that did too to was not letting people get away with such crimes… so here’s the sketchy part again… Soviets made up paperwork they tampered with evidence to get convictions in a polish court where the likes of Jenny Wanda barkmann in the show trial… many of these were guilty of crimes but my researchers tried to find out how guilty they actually were. People who suffered in these camps angry bitter vengeful people and so rightly sore after what they suffered families would just deleted from existence… but where does truth come from bitter vengeful revenge… where does the truth prevail… for the past 75 years with all grown up on how cruel and brutal these female guards wear and don’t get me wrong, many of them wear evil but some of them were just doing a job because it was better pay and better conditions and most women in Germany were either starving to death killed in allied bombings or resorting to prostitution… We will never know the true extend of trumpet up charges… and I would probably be ridiculed for even suggesting some things but I still believe that we behaved know better than the enemy we were trying to defeat… I already saw one post saying that life imprisonment would probably have been a good enough punishment for some of the women who were hanged . Each story is the same that they used to beat prisoners to death with their bare hands they used to whip and behave like savage banshees but when you hear the stories they all are familiar… each story passed onto the next is exaggerated… it’s like Chinese whispers by the time it gets to the end it is nothing of the story that was first told… Again they are all guilty is a directly or indirectly but I believe these trials that were held by the polish pro Soviet government we’re not based on evidence… most people that were asked we’re angry and just wanted revenge on anyone 14 the crimes that they had suffered and had to endure… so I would love to find out but I know I never will the truth behind many of these card cases… the Germans were pretty clever at hiding what they did one towards the end of the war… Soviet government produced evidence that was so detailed about these women I find it very impossible… again some of these women did deserve to be hanged but some others I don’t believe so… American and British trials hung men and women humanely in private… soviets and the pro Russian government did it in public in the most barbaric horrific way to ease the bloodlust of the crowds who were taking part in this madness… Wednesday get told of the crimes from the American the British and the Russians we instantly think that these men and women who worked in these camps we’re all pure evil and that was not the case… again I do not protect these Nazi SS guards I’m simply trying to find out how many miscarriages of justice there was and people who were accused of things maybe they didn’t do but because they were part of a system that did then everyone today have to die… the Russians hanged these people in the most painful of barbaric ways like slow strangulation which talk maybe 20 minutes for someone to die why while soiling themselves… then NZ they were cut down and ripped to pieces and beaten and trampled by the bloodlust of the people watching… Again it’s understandable because they had been told exactly what had happened so every guard was a monster evil Nazi genocidal maniac but again that was not the case . Then their bodies were given to science to be cut up and dissected like vermin which some of them again may have deserved this fate while some of them may not… we behaved like savages know better than the enemy and severe punishment was given out to threaten anyone else from behaving in such a minute ever again but it didn’t because we refuse to learn from history we still have prison camps we still commit crimes against humanity… even the Western allied committed war crimes but nobody wants to talk about that and nobody certainly wants to bring it up in a conversation… the soviets were bloodthirsty people who killed more of their own people than the Nazis ever did and they are super at lying through propaganda that still plagues freedom and democracy today.

So if there is any one who knows who it is I could research where I could get my hands on court paperwork evidence and I don’t mean evidence of somebody sitting in a chair who’s bitter and angry simply hoping they can get somebody hanged like most witnesses did… I would just like to know who to speak to who to contact because maybe… it’s a very very small maybe, we might have hung people who just deserved life imprisonment.

And one fair the point there was female and male SS guards who did far worse you never once first one day in prison and those who did with paroled and giving pardons and that’s the bit I find hard to swallow… I don’t believe that every Nazi camp guard was a genocidal maniac but they all died having the world believe that they were and again I do not protect Nazis and I certainly am not protecting the crimes.

If a crime is committed than the person should be found guilty to the extent of the crime not simply for the bloodlust and need for revenge.

Some of these women went to there are deaths and their memories shattered forever with everyone generation after generation thinking that they were cruel evil people when many of them were in the wrong place at the wrong time trying to get through life… many of them probably didn’t even know at the beginning what they’re come exactly was. While many of them did no and enjoyed the mass murder the sick barbaric behaviour from many others.

So please if you’re reading this understand once again I do not defend these people I just simply believe that some received sentences they should not have a received… I’ve never trusted the Soviet regime and Russia behaves no better today 75 years onwards.

Will we be hanging Putin? Probably not

Barkmann is believed to have spent her childhood in Hamburg. In 1944, she became an Aufseherin , or overseer, in the Stutthof SK-III women’s subcamp, where she brutalized prisoners, some to death. She also selected women and children for the gas chambers.[citation needed] She was so merciless that the women prisoners nicknamed her the “Beautiful Specter”.[1]

I think she deserved a final date with the hangman…

BTW, “whataboutism” revisionist bullshit is still bullshit…

BlockquoteI’ve never trusted the Russians or at that time the soviets… they killed more people than the Germans the Nazis ever did and many of them were there on people… the Russians annihilated tens of thousands if not millions of polish people from priests teachers students philosophical and engineering as well as high ranking and low ranking soldiers who there a deemed enemy of the Soviet States.

The Nazi Germans probably killed more Poles than the Soviets did-, so WTF is your point here? Nazis aren’t so bad?

Nazi war criminals were somehow unjustly persecuted? Okay, great thesis…

You’re touching on one of the great neo-Nazis/fascist/white nationalist myths here, that thousands of nazis were executed by the Allies after the war. No, not really. It was a select few and very few junior officers were ever tried/jailed/executed for their crimes.

BTW, the more you say you "aren’t’ the more you probably ARE…

Right, “save the Nazi Concentration Camp Guards”! Start a GoFundMe, you cunt…