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Mechanized Guards column

Column of the 13th Guards Mechanized Brigade on the move, before the offensive near Lake Balaton, in Hungary. In the frame, American-made lend-lease armored personnel carriers M3 and M3 "Scout"; Spring 1945.

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.30 and .50 gunner wearing a combat look for the photographrer :wink: Following M3’s have the more casual onlooking crews

Yes, very much "Now grimace for the camera" to show how serious the troops were when the picture was printed in Pravda.

I wonder if they’re happy that they didn’t have to ride on the back of a tank and were in real APC’s. Or if they were miserable they were in M-3 “Purple Heart Boxes”…

With the Lend-Lease plan the US supplied the Soviet Union with 1,176 M3 half-tracks and 3,340 M3A1 scout cars. 54 and 208 respectively were lost in the supply convoys. In addition to these transport vehicles the US also supplied 77,972 jeeps, 151,453 1 1/2 ton trucks and 200,262 2 1/2 ton trucks. The estimated value of all aid to the Soviet Union (tanks, artillery, vehicles, aircraft, ships, equipment, raw materials, food, etc.) from the US, Canada and Britain is $150 billion (USD).