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Medics & fallen enemies

Nothing left to do for these German medics. Any idea about the nationality of these fallen soldiers?

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Don’t think the’re Belgian,wrong kind of helmet.I looked at some Dutch uniform pict,the helmet shape,trousers,legging, bag could be right.If this was a color pict it would be much easier,Dutch uniforms being some kind of blue :slight_smile:

What about Dutch or Belgians? It could be during one of the attacks on forts etc. in 1940.

Perhaps english troops, durind the attaque of Crete.

but its very difficult to find evidences…

ELK has a point, this could very well be Belgian or Dutch casualties, and to be honest the upside down helmet on the ground does look, in terms of shape like the ones the dutch used, of course the angle of the photo in relation to the objects can play tricks on one’s perspective, they could also be polish or french, I couldn’t detect any diference between the leggins used by Belgian, Dutch, polish and French, at least from the photos I used for comparision. I personally don’t think this are Fallschirmjäger, the uniforms of the german soldiers seem to be Heer, they could even be 1939 or 1940’s SS troops. As for the trees on the background, those simply don’t belong in 1941 Crete, the same can be said for the house, the roof is typical northern Europe, notice the high sloped angle to allow the snow to slide and fall to the ground, in the Med countries those are not needed and rarely found, even today. I tried to zoom on the ammo belt on one of the fallen soldiers but the loss of resolution is just to great to make out any detail. A rare and intriguing photo indeed. Cheers