Military Equipment During The Vietnam War

Hello gents , just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about the equipment used by us military forces in Nam . I googled it and searched in wikipedia but didn’t found much info . So i am wondering if anyone could help !!!

Specific items of equipment, or in general ?(thats alot of stuff)

Yes right . I mean the gear like rucksacks .

Google M1956 or M1967 with the addition of whatever item you’re interested in. The M1967 gear was updated nylon gear designed for use in Vietnam from about 1967 to improve upon the canvas type M1956.

For example Google “M1967 harness” in Images and you get this

As for armament:

Main Infantry-Rifle:
Springfield M-14 (1963 - 1970)
Colt AR-15 (M16) (1969 - 1975)

Main Sidearm:
Colt M1911A1

Main Sniper Rifle:
Remington M40 (1966 - 1975)
Springfield M21 (1970 - 1975)

Main Machine Gun:
USMG M60 (1963 - 1975)

Grenade Launcher:
Springfield M79 (1963 - 1975)

M26 Frag (1963 - 1975)

The Vietnam War was also the last major US war in which they used the M1 Steel helmet, which was replaced by the PASGT (or Fritz) in the 80s.

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